JWST+NIRSpec Cookbook — Observing Small Bodies in the Solar System

The information provided in these pages are intended for a quick use of the JWST ETC (Exposure Time Calculator) and APT (Astronomer’s Proposal Tool). It is based on experience gained from preparing GTO (Guaranteed Time Observations) and ERS (Early Release Science) programs specific to asteroids, comets and transneptunian objects, and will be improved once these programs are actually observed. The information is neither thorough nor ideal: it is intended as a guideline only, and thus reflects the opinion of the author alone. It is your responsibility to verify the official up-to-date documents released by NASA to prepare your own observations: the author cannot hold any responsibility.

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The current version of these pages makes use of the following tool versions:

  • ETC 1.2
  • APT 25.4.3