Date of birth: 1983-10-03

Place of birth: Bois-Bernard, France

Married, 2 children



Study of the thermo-physical evolution and internal structure of small objects in the solar system – like asteroids, comets or Kuiper Belt Objects – as constrained through theoretical and numerical modeling, and ground- and space-based observations of their surface and overall physical properties, mostly through IFU NIR spectroscopic observations.

  • Solar System formation and evolution, origins
  • Surface composition of small bodies, ices and organics in the solar system
  • Thermo-physical evolution of small bodies, alteration processes and internal structure
  • Cometary activity and occurrence of liquid water / cryovolcanism throughout the solar system
  • Link between small body populations



2019-            CNRS researcher, LGL-TPE – Lyon, France

2014-2019   CNRS researcher, Institut UTINAM – Besançon, France

2012-2014   ESA Research Fellow, ESTEC – Noordwijk, The Netherlands

2009-2012   Herschel Research Fellow, UCLA – Los Angeles, USA

2006-2009   PhD, LESIA – Meudon, France & IFSI/IASF – Rome, Italy



2019   HDR, University Lyon 1, France

2010   PhD in Astronomy & Astrophysics, University Paris 7, France


MISCELLANEOUS (most recent)

2019-2024   ERC THEMISS (PI)

Since 2019  CoI of the ESA/Comet Interceptor mission

2020-2023   Member of the SOC for the Comets III book (University of Arizona Press)

2016-2021   Member of the National Committee for Scientific Research

Since 2015  Leader of the JWST/NIRSpec GTO subprogram on TNOs

2013-2015   Member of the science team of the ESA/Rosetta mission and ground-based campaign